NXT-Spy – A solution to my Android version problem?

After some research about how to get Android 2.2 on my HTC Hero (because HTC haven’t planed to port Android 2.2 to it yet and because I need it now), I finally fell on a team called “VillainROM” [source] who created a project called “FroydVillain” that consists in porting Android 2.2 on HTC Hero.

Their current version is 1.5 and it seems to be quite stable. The only problem is that I would have to flash my device risking to brick it and because it is not an official release of Android, my warranty probably won’t accept to fix it.

I fell on this website [source] that says that it is very unlikely to brick the phone, so it’s decided, I will try to install it.

Supervisor’s comment:

DO NOT do this

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