NXT-Spy – First tests of the ball finding / lifting part of the experiment

Today, I have been able to test for the first time the robot’s controller in an ideal environment. This experiment cannot really be called as a success as I have faced a very disturbing issue: even when we are working in the best conditions (for this experiment, I worked with a Wi-Fi ad-hoc connection between the phone and the PC instead of using a router between the two), the images rate is still too low to be able to easily control the robot.

To solve this problem with the current configuration, I think that the best way is either to try to predict the position of the ball based on the speed of the robot or to simply slow down the speed of the robot to a minimum.

A second minor problem is that as predicted, the robot is too heavy on the phone’s side, the solution is obviously to put a weight on the other side of it to counterbalance.

But there are not only bad news: automatic control of the robotic arm works like a charm: as soon as the ball is touching the arm, it lifts it.

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