New plugin : LinkedIn Resume

Because the ALCV plugin was beginning to be just a too huge for me, I decided to stop the development of it and just focus on the linkedIn part,

That’s why I have created a new plugin called “LinkedIn Resume” which is quite the same as ALCV but much more simple and with a new functionality : I have added a language management for the ones like me who have a multi-language profile

Hope you will like it!

Check this example :
my english linkedin profile is on
my french one on

and you can see on the pages Resume(fr) and Resume(en) of this blog how my plugin displays your linkedin datas!

23 thoughts on “New plugin : LinkedIn Resume

  1. Hello!

    If you got a education note with a few lines (with enters), then your plugin doenst show the eduaction, how come?? Please, can it be fixed???

    I posted it before, but never heard anything. Thanks.

  2. Arnaud,

    Thank you for your useful plugin.

    I enjoy it’s features and using it on my personal blog. However, there are a few issues I believe need attention.

    First, I may be wrong, but there may be a few typo’s in the .php file, mainly line 69, the variable:

    $adminOptionsName = “linedinRedumeAdminOption”;

    looks like you may mean linkedinResume?

    Second, when I use the shortcode on a page which already has content, it pushes my content below the resume, which is undesired.

    e.g. I type my about page, then under my content I place the shortcode for the resume, but the output brings the resume to the top of the page and pushes the content I’ve written below the resume.

    For an example please see my about page:

    About Travis Hill

    Thanks again for the plugin.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi!

    I’ve seen that you put me as Author of ALCV. That a great honor, but I think i don’t deserve it. This plugin is your work. I just sent you a little hack. 🙂

    Thank you very much,

  4. Hey, like your plugin.
    I’d like to bump Brant’s statement about caching the information since it would be pretty unfortunate to loose an opportunity just because my profile couldn’t be found.

    Also a couple requests for you next revision (I think these are simple):
    * Add the information about how to add the resume into a post (ie use code[linkedinresume]) right into the configuration portion since many of us are too lazy and some of us don’t think to go check the installation instruction on
    * Please change the term “Jobs” to experience or previous work experience, or really anything else (ideally customizable). I don’t know if you are aware or not but when many recruiters search google for resumes they use “-job -jobs” in their search criteria which would eliminate any resume that uses this plugin.

    Things to think about in the future:
    * Being able to turn off any sections that you don’t want to show such as maybe your websites, or even the section at the bottom saying “Copyright 2009 LinkedIn Corporation. All rights reserved”
    * Being able to turn off sub-sections – I really don’t think that everyone looking at my resume will care about the ticker symbol/size/industry etc of my previous employers.

    Now I’m probably asking for too much:
    * Being able to have the plugin d/l or sync with my linked profile while allowing me to have some options to modify how it looks (I don’t like my job title to be giant and my description to be barely legible). And maybe even the order.

  5. The plugin should cache prior LinkedIn requests so that when LinkedIn can’t find the public profile (It happens) or simply can’t be contacted, the LinkedIn plugin will degrade in a useful way. Right now, if LinkedIn can’t find the public profile, the plugin shows nothing which is pretty not useful.

  6. Hello, I send you a I mail, can you mail me back?

    I have a question about your wordpress plugin. The plugin doesn’t show the description (notes) from the Eduction-things, only the title, the during and more. Is it possible to integrate the notes added to the education?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Arnaud,

    Found your plugin yesterday and it looks really nice in action. However, it only display partial information from my linkedin profile, like e.g. two out of three educations and three out of four jobs… Do you have idea on how to solve this? It’s on the About page on my site and I’ve included a link to the linkedin page on the bottom for full info for comparison.


  8. Hi Arnaud, I’ve posted also my blog here… so you can see what I can see in my resume page… I think that the plugin works… because “Copyright 2009 LinkedIn Corporation. All rights reserved” is showed in the bottom of the page….
    Maybe the problem is something stupid I do… or I don’t do eheheheh

    • Okay, I took a look at your linkedin page and you don’t have a lot of informations to display… but it should at least display your main informations (I tried on my website and it displayed your name, picture and websites)… So it’s a problem on your server… It must be a regexp problem, check if you have the regexp apache module enabled 😉

  9. Hi… I’ve some problems with the linkedin plugin… I’ve installed it and created a new page with only [linkedinresume] written…. but it doesn’t work! I don’t know if I’m wrong… or i have to wait the new version… where i can download it??? thanks 😉

    • Hi, your problem does’nt seems to come from my plugin (I have uninstalled the plugin, downloaded the last version and installed it on this blog and as you can see it works perfectly with just [linkedinresume]), check your error log and if it comes from my plugin, report me the error thanks!

  10. PS: You should also change lines 62 to 64 to:

    $devOptions[‘homemade_jobs’] = utf8_encode(stripslashes($_POST[‘company’]));

    $devOptions[‘homemade_education’] = utf8_encode(stripslashes($_POST[‘education’]));

    $devOptions[‘homemade_website’] = utf8_encode(stripslashes($_POST[‘website’]));

    Otherwise you could not add accents or special chars on the Jobs, Education or Websites fields.

    • euhr I still haven’t published the new plugin I’m talking about it so you won’t be able to install it yet!
      come back in 1 week it should be ok


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