SVN problems for Linkedin Resume

I’ve completely messed up the SVN of linkedin resume today between 11:30 UTC and 12:30 UTC, I’m realy sorry for those who tried to download it during this period but it was for a good reason:
Now, that I’ve all fixed up, you can download older versions of the plugin (1.8 for the moment but soon all the old versions!).
That’s a good news for those who are experiencing some troubles with the new version.

9 thoughts on “SVN problems for Linkedin Resume

  1. I have downloaded the linkedinresume plugin onto my wordpress blog. It worked fine but since upgrading to 3. your linked in CV shows up on my “about me” page??? Very strange indeed. How do I fix this??

      • Nope doesn’t work. When I delete your nickname it put in mine and click save, it runs for a minute or two, then defaults back to your name every time after saving. I have tried it about 20 times, and the same thing occurs every time.

        An associate of mine in the computer world states that this plug-in is not compatible with WP 3.0.

  2. How do I add the resume to a template file via php? Is this possible and can your provide the full line to display the cv?

  3. Thanks, it installed just fine but I am still seeing the default LinkeIn URL. I can not see how to update the URL to put my LinkedIn URL. Do I edit the Plugin from the WordPress Manage Plugin page. I can not find the Admin page that you show to change the link.


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