LinkedIn Resume 2.0

After a very long time without any modifications, here it is, the new version of my WordPress plugin!
This new version contains the fixes that everybody was waiting for:

  • A lot of enhancements on the education zone
  • Some fixes to match the slight modifications done by LinkedIn on their website
  • Belorussian translation thanks to Marcis G.

I am now working on a more complete version of the plugin that will support more functionality from LinkedIn.

Stay tuned !

SVN problems for Linkedin Resume

I’ve completely messed up the SVN of linkedin resume today between 11:30 UTC and 12:30 UTC, I’m realy sorry for those who tried to download it during this period but it was for a good reason:
Now, that I’ve all fixed up, you can download older versions of the plugin (1.8 for the moment but soon all the old versions!).
That’s a good news for those who are experiencing some troubles with the new version.

Linkedin Resume 1.9

A new year = a new version of your favorite wordpress plugin ! It just contains some regexp improvements, bugs and compatibility fixes

So, here are my answers to the comments that you have posted :

  • Travis, I don’t want to change my variable name because I would have to add more code to take care of those who are doing an update from their current version. For the second comment, it seems that it is a WordPress want it to be like that, so I can’t change it easily
  • Amรฉrico Dias, that’s fine, you helped a lot for the development of it ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Jesse, I’ve added some text on the admin as you asked and changed “Jobs” to “Experience”
  • Some of you are asking for some caching but don’t have the time to do it those days… in v2.0 perhaps ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Jorge, thanks for the bug report, I’ve fixed it in this new version ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, as you can see, all your comments are useful! Keep on commenting to make this plugin always more supernatural than it is!

New plugin : LinkedIn Resume

Because the ALCV plugin was beginning to be just a too huge for me, I decided to stop the development of it and just focus on the linkedIn part,

That’s why I have created a new plugin called “LinkedIn Resume” which is quite the same as ALCV but much more simple and with a new functionality : I have added a language management for the ones like me who have a multi-language profile

Hope you will like it!

Check this example :
my english linkedin profile is on
my french one on

and you can see on the pages Resume(fr) and Resume(en) of this blog how my plugin displays your linkedin datas!