NXT-Spy – Pause button working :)

After 4 hours of testing, and of horrible-to-debug network channel dealdlocks, I have finally managed to create my pause button that allow us to restart the experiment by only restarting the PC client.

I did that because I had troubles to close my net channels on the phone and so every time I wanted to try my new control algorithm, I had to restart the robot and restart two times the phone!

This step will be crucial for all the upcoming in-deep developpment of the control algorithm because now, the phone and the robot won’t have to be restarted any more. The two devices will stay in stand-by mode every time I press the pause button allowing me to change my algorithm and re-launch the PC client without having to touch to the phone or to the robot.

Supervisor’s comment:

You should have had a better network diagram to start with!!!
Even so this is a real achievement because stopping part of a distributed network to then resume having changed one part and then restarting that asynchronously is really hard – well done.
The justification is absolutely correct and the fact that you built pause before attempting the actual control alogorithm is so much more impressive; showing great forethought!!
He informed me that he has an algorithm working but it required better isolation of ball colours and signs.  The obvious thing would be a sheet, probably white which has walls to reduce the interference from other objects in the environment.
Over the holidays he intends to build the arm that ‘captures’ the balls but it is a holiday so he may be unable due to external circumstances!!