Get the stream (pls) of a streamtheworld radio

If like me you are listening to some webradios, you probably have faced this problem : a lot of radios are broadcasting over the web via an embedded flash player to force you to go on their website to be able to listen to it.

So if you want to get the actual audio stream URL (pls or m3u), the widely used solution is to take a look at the requests that the player is sending to its server (with the NET tab of Firebug on Firefox per example).
But it sometimes happens that the URL you get is not an audio stream but a flash file with a buffering system so in this case, you cannot use it on your favorite webradio player (or on your N900 like me :p).

So, let’s get to the point of this post : if the radio you want is a streamtheworld stream (like the radio I wanted to get : Radio CKOI), I’ve got a really simple solution for you :
First of all, use Firebug on Firefox to see the requests that the player is doing and try to locate a request that looks like :
Once that you have done so, you just have to use the stream ID this URL provided you : CKOIFMAAC in this example.

The URL you are looking for is :{theIDofTheStream}.pls