WordPress design integration for a friend

On of my friends recently asked me to create a blog for his association based on a design he had made on photoshop.
So I have created a new WordPress theme for him. You can see the result on http://www.stratewaterdesigners.com.

If you like the theme (comment !), I will probably put it on the WordPress servers!

Release of WP-ALCV 1.6 !

Hey guys,

As you probably know it, I’ve developed a WordPress plugin to display your resume (also called CV or curriculum vitae) on your blog.

At the beginning it was quite buggy and weak but it begins to be quite stable…

You can now display your resume by three different ways :
* You specify your linkedIn public page and it will display your linkedIn data on your blog
* You specify your Xing public page and it will display your Xing data on your blog
* You write all the fields by yourself to display it.

There is a preview of the plugin on my page Resume

So don’t hesitate and go try it on WordPress’s plugin website