NXT-Spy – Thoughts about how to implement the Bluetooth connection

So here we go, let’s think about the different ways to create a Bluetooth connection between my Android phone and the robot.

First of all, because my supervisor (Jon Kerridge) gave me Severin Fichtl’s work on the Bluetooth connection between a PC running JCSP and a robot running JCSPre, I started to take a look at it.
After reading his code, I realized that I could not base my work on his because to create his connection, he used the NXT PC library that is not compatible with Android (a Bluetooth device driver problem).

So there is only one other way to do the things : create my own socket based net channel adapted to Android phone and add it to my JCSPae implementation. It should be something achievable because as my proof-of-concept robot control from the phone showed it, it is possible to communicate with the NXT robot with Sockets. So it should be something similar to Kevin Chalmer’s work on JCSP wi-fi implementation (that is also socket-based).

Also, I have noticed that no Bluetooth net channels existed on JCSPre, so I am probably going to write an implementation of those to have my project even more parallel!

Supervisor’s comment:

First, many thanks for the vastly superior interface to the blog; it will make life much easier, when I get used to it!
I received a first draft of some of his dissertation.  We read this together and I made lots of comments, much green ink!  Fundamentally the material was well structured but in place left the reader to do too much work on their own.  However this was a very good first piece of writing to get you in the mood.  Lets see a revised version for next week.
He also has done a lot of coding to implement the channel based connection between the android and the robot, yet to be finished, but given he was away over the weekend this represents a lot of work.
His underlying interface is a socket over which he sends data in a specific format for the control of the robot.
There is a video to demonstrate that this is working because he controls the phone from his PC using Wi-Fi, which then transfers commands to the robot using his Bluetooth capability.  The fact that he built the video at 3am in the morning after he got it working is perhaps a little worrying.  I doubt he would do the same for his dissertation at the moment, that will come later, unless I stop him from coding too much!!

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